Create Highly Realistic Lipstick in Photoshop

Today we can learn how to create highly realistic lipstick in Photoshop and trust me guys this is just a game of blend modes blend F and different shades of colors not just one several shades of colors it’s gotta be fun so without any further ado let’s get started so here we

Are for chef knife your go ahead and download this Faraj make sure to check the links in the description if you want to follow along alright have a look at this I’ve already done it have a look at the lipstick this is the before and this is the after doesn’t that look realistic

And some of you guys have been wondering okay just take red paint over it change the blend mode to overlay the Hat does not work let me go ahead and open up this look how many colors have been applied if that looks complex to you do

Not worry we gotta break it down okay so let’s go ahead and delete this and start from scratch delete it I should have saved it by the way anyway it doesn’t matter let’s work on the upper lip and the lower lip separately why separately if you have a

Look the upper lip is darker than the lower lip so if you collectively apply blend if it’s not gonna work because it’s gonna affect the same bright or same dark pixels so if this area will shine this area will be in complete darkness we don’t want that to happen so

We’re gonna work on them separately so first of all let’s work on the lower lip which color do you want in this lip let’s say red so click on the adjustment layer icon and choose solid color and choose whatever color you want I’m gonna choose a specific color cd20 1f and

That’s the color that they use on youtube so it’s a YouTube brand color alright hit OK and change the blend mode to multiply remember keep in mind that multiply is a blend mode which darkens stuff so right now we are creating the dark areas of the lips so let’s choose

Multiply it looks good it looks good but we need to mask in the lip how to do that select the mask and press ctrl or command I now take the brush make sure the foreground color is white by pressing X to toggle between the and the background zoom in quite a bit

And just paint in on the lower lip so this is just for the lower lip you can also name it lower lip dark okay and just paint in with a soft brush over there select the mask and make it a little bigger you can also go ahead and decrease the flow if

You want near the edges if you want a little bit softness you can decrease the flow to 20 ish and just paint in like that with a soft brush when the flow is low what this means is that you get to paint a lot of times to

Get the total in density which means that say it’s 20% right so will you have to paint a couple of times to get it 200% in density if the valley is at hundred have a look you just have to paint once and that’s very much it it

Allows you to be kind of softer around the edges so let’s keep it 20 just for the edges and once you are done with the edge then you can go ahead and increase the values if you want if you desired you okay so let’s just get done with it

We might increase it a little bit say 41 that’s fine be careful around the edges make sure that the lipstick is soft you shouldn’t do it with the heart brush don’t do anything like that that looks fake even don’t do anything like that that’s totally fake just don’t do it

Make sure the brush is completely soft let me give you your tip never ever increase the hardness of the brush sometimes you might but what I usually do I usually have my brush at 0% hardness totally soft and when I have to paint some harsh edges here’s what I do

Decrease the size of the brush because when you do that the hardness automatically effective hardness increases right so if you paint something with a small brush of course it’s gonna be hard right you’ve paint something with a big brush so it’s gonna be soft so that’s what I usually do

I just decrease or increase the sizes of the brush I do not touch the hardness but then again it’s my personal style whatever suits you do that by all means do that all right we have done the edges you can also do this edge properly around the

Teeth and this time I guess you can also always go ahead and increase the flow 200% you can clear that later but I’m doing this really quickly just to show you this method okay and if you paint extra just like that you know what to do

Press X to toggle between the black and the white and if you paint here with black it will hide it because always remember in a mask black hides and white shows up black conceals and white reveals just can’t that area out of the way like that and change it to white

Again and paint in these as your art teacher in school taught you always do the outline first and then fill in and actually my mother taught me because she is an art teacher alright okay let’s fill it in and once you do fill it in properly we can apply blend if because

We don’t want the darkness to be in the bright areas okay you can always go ahead and properly apply it look it’s the edges don’t look good over there we can properly apply that but that’s pretty much it you can also clear it out by pressing X and then painting out some

Areas like so okay that looks pretty good and let’s zoom out and have a look at it that looks nice now what you can do hey edge this doesn’t look smooth over there you can paint in this area okay that looks fine let’s zoom ah that looks perfect now double-click on the

Right-hand side of the layer we don’t want it in the bright areas so double click over there and take the slider of the underlying layer from the right to the left which means we are deleting the bright areas of the underlying layer or the leverages beneath it from this layer

Okay so these are the bright areas the highlights of the lip we want to remove that from this layer and that’s why we are taking the slider of the underlying layer from right to left whatever we do here over there whatever we do in this layer Styles dialog box just affects

This layer always remember that okay if you are moving the slider of the underlying layer it only means that it is taking the layer which is beneath it as a reference point it’s not affecting that okay let’s take the slider to the left it removes the highlights but it’s

Very harsh so hold the alt or option click on this it breaks away the sliders like that and then you can move in this it is too much this area up to this point it looks good and let’s take this one and give it a little more shine like

That and move it even more if you want to no that’s fine that’s okay that looks good and also all right that looks good hit OK now for the bright areas we need a different shade so make a copy of this one ctrl or command J and name it it

Looks bad but just name it lower lip bright shade you can just be a little more fancier and then change the blend mode of this one from multiply to screen remember screen is a blend mode which brightens up stuff okay so we’re gonna use the screen blend mode for the

Bright areas screen but still it looks strange why does it look strange because it’s being applied on the dark areas due to the blend if so we’re gonna have to make changes in the blender double click on this again and just set this to default like as it was and this time do

The opposite take the slider of the underlying layer from left to right because you want to move the dark areas of the underlying layer from this layer like that okay that is fine hold the altar option click on this you wanna make it a little soft like that that looks wonderful can take

It all the way to the right if you want to play with it see what looks good to you that is that it okay now we can change color to your liking you can just double click on in here and probably if you want to change the hue let’s make it

More purplish if you want or pink like that if you want to want that shade if you want to make it brighter select B and make it even brighter if you want to do that if you’re looking for something like that if you want to increase or

Decrease the saturation you can do it here I think that’s the perfect color let’s try a little bit of that shade that shade is good hit okay once you’re satisfied see two shades if you want to make it more red as you can do that as

Well because color is a little okay that looks good now have a look at it before after it looks wonderful but it’s also affecting the edge we need to take it away from the edge select the mask take the brush and take it away from the edge by painting it with black

Okay that looks great you can also add more layers of it you can add one more brightness layer you can add one more darkness layer so let’s add one more darkness layer click on this lower lip and make a copy of this one and place it

At the bottom and just open up the blend if double click on that one and play with it even more just on the dark areas like that hold the alter option and you know the whole process it goes like this and it will go like that one

Like that have a look before after just adds that dark shade to that have a look at the lip it looks wonderful doesn’t it you can also go ahead and decrease the opacity of this one if you want to I guess 70 or 65 would be a nice number to

Be at now it also gives a nice outline to the lip the way ladies do I don’t know they apply outline or something like that I guess there is something like that all right now it’s time for us to affect the upper lip for the upper

Lip you’re gonna create one more and by the way you can also go ahead and change the color of the dark area you can also change the hue if you want to you can make it more pinkish whatever you want let’s blue whatever alright so increase the saturation a bit probably and

Decrease the brightness of this one like so different shades see three different shades now for the upper lip let’s create a solid color adjustment layer and choose the same color which was the color C d201 F you can also copy it from one of these just simply copy hit OK and

Select the mask ctrl or command I similarly in this one just take a brush soft brush program color white and then simply paint over the lip change the blend mode by the way to multiply so that you can see alright don’t worry if you paint extra I can

Always remove it by painting that area in black let’s zoom out and have a look I think it’s a pretty it’s it’s pretty soft so we can make it hard by just removing the extras X make the brush a little smaller and make it alright just like it it

Looks wonderful now what you can do similarly in this one let’s remove the extras from the teeth the teeth has been affected all right let’s just remove it from here remove it from over here and you know the whole process right let’s just work it pretty nicely and by the

Way once you’re zoomed in if you want to move in hold the spacebar the cursor changes to a hand and then you can drag in and move okay and you probably already knew that if you’re doing it if you didn’t know know that just double-click on the right hand side of

The layer and do the same thing yeah the values would have been different for the upper lip then the lower lip and that’s why we are doing that separately you can always go ahead and try it simultaneously for both of them and see the results for yourself again it

Differs from image to image in this image I tried it before it did not work so we’re doing it separately hold the alter option just break it apart like that yeah now that looks like something hit okay once you’re satisfied with the results okay and then you can

Make a copy of this you know what to do right let’s name it first upper lip dark make a copy let’s name it upper lip bright and this time change the blend mode from multiply to screen always remember multiply is the opposite of screen you can see it over here see

In this category screen is the second scene this category multiply up multiply is the second so screen similarly double click and then do just the opposite for the upper lip we might have to change the color of this one let’s discolor it a bit select saturation and

Let’s make it a little white like that and we need a different shade so select hue and what about yellow shade no that looks fake what about this shade saturation let’s try increasing the saturation a bit brightness let’s make it a little darker and that looks perfectly fine hue we might have to

Change the hue a bit okay that looks fine hit OK you can also add different layers one more darkness layer and that’s pretty much it you can make a group of all of them by selecting the first one and then hold the shift and select the last solid color adjustment

Set it selects everything in the row then press ctrl or command G and have a look this is the after and this is the before but you can also do if you don’t want so much of a dark lipstick you can decrease the opacity of this one like so

So for this example I guess et is a great number to be a probably 85 or 84 ish that’s nice now have a look at this so this is the after and this is the before if you think it has gone too much over here you can add a mask to the

Group as well so if you think you need to remove the outline let’s add a mask take the brush and you can simply just go ahead and paint that area in black like so just like that and that will be taken care of if you want anything bad X

And then paint it like that and you get the whole picture right and that’s how it’s done that’s how to get realistic lips in Photoshop let me show you one more example and in this example I’ve already done it why am i showing you this example have a look at the before

And after so this is before the lipstick and this is after the lipstick have a look at this three colors and three adjustment layers and all of the adjustment layers are not separately effecting the upper lip and the lower lip why is that so it is because you don’t always have to

Target both of them separately that example I showed it to you because that’s an extreme example where the upper lip is much darker than the lower lip in that case you might have to target that separately but in most cases where both of them are at equal level

You don’t have to and that’s why there is this example have a look we have applied three different shades of coloreds completely it’s not totally different but they are different this is brown this one is yellow close to it and this one is red so whenever you are

Applying shades make sure they are close to each other now what do we mean by that if you have a look at this see red is close to yellow it’s also close to brown right so if you select a dark red it is brown so make sure colors are

Close to each other all right and that’s pretty much it for the main color we have used yellow and for the highlights we have used red and for the shadows we have used Brown so you can have different colors but make sure they’re close to each other and by the way this

Is an image from our lips retouching tutorial so have a look at the complete before so this is the complete before this is the complete after so I’ve already we touched the lip and after that I’ve applied the lipstick if you want to have a look at the video check

Out the video right over there so that’s our apply highly realistic lipstick in Photoshop and boy that Ryan just a couple of things to keep in mind number one you do not have to always target the upper lip and the lower lip separately only in those cases where the

Upper lip is much darker than the lower lip then you might have to target them separately number two all you need to do a play with blend modes first of all create a solid color adjustment layer mask in the lip change the blend mode of that one to multiply and this is just

For the dark areas and using blend if you just limit that to dark areas bring in the shine then create one more solid color adjustment layer you can make little alteration in color change the blend mode of that one to screen and using blend if again limit that just to

The bright areas you can create as much solid color adjustment layers as you want for the dark areas even dark areas or the even brighter areas and you get the complete picture and after that you can make a group of both of them all of them actually and then decrease the

Opacity if you want to you can add mass to the group and just mask out some extra areas and that’s all you need to know so we are pretty much done with this video and if this video helped you make sure you go ahead and share it with your photographer friend retouch a

Friend or anybody who loves Photoshop so that they can be helped to get this video like and do not forget to subscribe and not just subscribe don’t forget to ring the bell so that you my friend don’t miss any other feature tips tricks or tutorials I’ll see you guys –

Until then stay tuned and make sure that you keep creating You

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