The Ultimate Guide To ChatGPT Custom Instructions

By using custom instructions in chat GPT properly you can go for more result like this to result like this in one prompt when used correctly this really is the biggest unlock and output quality that casual users and even more advanced ones can achieve with enchant GPT you just

Need to know what to put into those two little magical fields and that’s exactly what this video is going to show you so I’m going to give you a brief overview what’s going on in there then we’re going to talk through step by step how to use these fields to get the best

Results possible and then I’m gonna give you a formula on how to navigate it with some examples that you can copy paste right into it so first things first they launched this feature on the chat GPT enthusiasts I’ve been waiting for this since a while because as you might know

Context is the thing that generates quality outputs and what this really is is a super user-friendly way to add context to your prompts so accessing it is very simple three dots settings beta features and turn on custom instructions after you’ve got that you can close the window and reopen this and it says

Custom instruction alright so now we have these two fields and the big question presents itself what do we put in here and what does this actually do well as mentioned this is just a different way of adding context to your prompt and concretely the first one is

Here to specify your personal context so anything that touches you and the second part is responsible for modifying the outputs of chat GPT and don’t worry I’ll tell you exactly what to write into these in a second here and show you how to customize that but in order for you

To do it properly you actually need to understand what’s going on here and therefore I’m gonna give you a visual description of what this context means so picture this this circle right here is all of GPT Force knowledge all the data it has been trained on and if you give it a simple

One line prompt like write me an email it’s gonna do that but it’s gonna start using context from all these different spots to write that information now if you get a lot more specific there and you say write an email to my boss called Henry about the coffee in our office

Write it in the style of Ernest Hemingway you start limiting the areas in which it finds these little circles whereas before it might have been looking for them in an area this large because you didn’t specify what exactly you wanted so you gave it more freedom

Now what you do by filling this out correctly is if this is all of gpd4’s knowledge you tell it hey I want to operate within here and if you’re even more specific and you give it more information to go off off you tell it I only want info from within this little

Circle and if you get super specific it might actually be more like this and within that little circle it’s gonna look for the information because you asked it to but you have to know how to ask it so that is the next Point how do

We set this thing up so we get exactly the type of results we’re looking for and look this is no easy task because often we don’t know exactly what we’re looking for right but if we just think about the real world for a second what do you do when you have accounting

Problem you talk to an accountant so the answer to the problem of not knowing exactly what you want to solve for lies within talking to the right person same thing goes for chat GPT you gotta talk to the right Persona and then we enter the territory of a discipline with

Imprompt engineering called Persona modeling where you lay out all the details in a very specific way so you talk to a specific person and all the results that you get are specific to that person so if you check out this notion page I have right here these are

The exact instructions you would want for a digital marketer now look at how specific these are right with specify the profession the current projects specific interests values and principles and so much more and these have been carefully crafted because since the day of the release we have been preparing a

Framework for you guys to use within chat GPT and this is not something that we spawned over the last week we’ve been wrestling with this idea of persona modeling at a very high and very precise level since months now so a lot of the work that has been done we just

Repurposed here and I’m giving it to you right here so check it out you go into custom instructions you post the first part and then part two has been crafted for the second part which asks how would you like chachibi to respond well right here we would like to specify the

Response format the tone detail level types of suggestions and much more for example the problem solving approach is one that makes a massive difference bison awareness is a little more subtle but still critical to include and again all of these have been carefully crafted and this is kind of the framework I

Recommend here if you want to understand this in a little more detail I’ll just put a description of the various areas onto the screen right here you can check it out so these are the detailed description of what’s going on here so the values and the principles represent

The key principles around values that guides their work right and the devil is in a detail here you really need to follow this closely for it to work well but then on the other hand you will get rewarded with very precise results okay so now that we have this dialed in what

Can we do well simply put we say save and now we have a custom version of chat GPT setup right here in the browser and I can use both GPT 3.5 and gpt4 to generate outstanding results which are very specific to the thing we’re solving

For so as mentioned in this case we set up a digital marketer persona for chat GPT and now we can use this to get better results so let’s do a little comparison shall we I’ll just turn these off for a second and run a basic prompt

So right here you can disable for new chats I’ll open a new chat gpt4 and what we’re gonna do is in the free notion template that we provide we’re gonna head on over to writing and use one of my favorite prompts called write anything and down here in the examples

You have one of these prompts that is just a basic blog writing prompt okay and we’re gonna run it for the first time without custom instructions in gpt4 like so go to custom instructions enable these new chat gpt4 run the same prompt and as you can see right here the differences couldn’t be

Any more different important Point here is look at the structure look at the vocabulary look at the tone of this thing so folks it’s time to stir things up catch you there fellow earthlings it’s these little Snippets that in my opinion are just a little too much this

Is not really dialed in and a lot of these parts are just very chatty PT typical like picture this or here’s the cherry on top whereas this result is way more formal and the reason that is is because in the custom instructions we told it to do exactly that so if you

Look over here it’s a stone maintain a professional tone that balances friendliness and formality and these instructions overwrite The Prompt up here okay so that’s a big takeaway already because remember when we gave it custom instructions we told it to operate within a certain area and no

Matter what you do in the prompt it’s not gonna go outside of that okay let’s do another example if I pick an entrepreneurship character here let’s take the serial entrepreneur and this one is one of my personal favorites because this Persona is experienced it’s been around the block it’s managing a

Portfolio of diverse Ventures and it just has this very very like macro overview of things and its communication style is straightforward and strategic so same thing first part we copy over second part we copy over that took five seconds save all right and then I’m gonna head back to the free notion

Template and under entrepreneurship I’m gonna pick one of these prompts we’re going to be evaluating business ideas all right okay so what about this one this one is actually quite complex it’s going to be evaluating the viability of launching an online language tutoring platform by conducting a SWOT analysis

All right why not let’s test this inside of gpt4 with the custom instructions enabled and compare it to the vanilla version okay and again second chat custom instructions off new chat and we run the same prompt and here it doesn’t take an expert to see the difference

Right away so let’s have a look at the SWOT analysis okay so as you can see on the left side we have custom instructions on and on the right side there off so what the entrepreneur really did here is it concisely gave you the essence of what’s Happening Here It

Gave you the information and no extra words around it right something I personally would prefer when doing a SWOT analysis so now let’s look at the content of these points unlimited geographical reach flexibility and affordability a platform like this has the advantage of being accessible to users worldwide users can learn at their

Own pace and according to their own schedules in many cases online tutoring can be more affordable than in-person instruction fair enough what does our seasoned entrepreneur say potentially scalable business model due to online nature same as over here lower overhead costs compared to physical institutions aha see he’s thinking about the finances

And the business side of things because that’s what the Persona is set up to be good good and the flexibility same as over here okay so pretty similar okay so let’s head down to the threads and the market size because I think these two points really illustrate the difference

Nicely so first of all it talks about competition that’s the same over here then it talks about the regulations same over here but here’s the thing here it says it’s dependent on Tech infrastructure and it states that cyber threats could negatively impact the platform I don’t know might be just me

But that doesn’t seem as one of the big threats to an online learning platform right and here the entrepreneur talks more about oversaturation so he talks about the supply demands that Dynamics which I believe to be the preferable topic when we’re talking entrepreneurship and starting a business

Right all right you might consider that minor but what about this next point so here without the custom instructions it first goes ahead and States something like as of my knowledge cut off in September 2021 the Global Learning Market was estimated to be worth approximately 60 billion in 2020 and

Then some growth projections and the estimate by 2023. however conduct updated market research whereas the seasoned entrepreneur actually goes ahead and he quotes a specific type of research according to Grand View research the Global Learning Market was valued at 12.49 billion in 2020 and expected growth from 21 to 28 was 18.7

Per year and once you go into this bottom paragraphs the subtle differences start becoming not so subtle anymore and the market size this actually quotes a research that after a few minutes of searching I couldn’t exactly find but that’s an inherent weakness of gpt4 it doesn’t have direct references but I’ll

Give it bonus points for at least attempting to quote something precisely as opposed to over here it doesn’t mention a source course whatsoever down here in the competitive landscape analysis it mentions the same competitors but here it directly outlines the biggest benefits of those platforms again in my opinion a better

Answer than this over here and then in the end there’s just an extra idea in here plus the conclusion gives you actually an actionable step in the end that you could continue with whereas this just gives a generic ending so as you can see sometimes it’s subtle but

The deeper you go and the more it really matters that your results are not a 3 out of 10 but a 6 out of 10 or a 8 out of 10 every single time the more you will want to go into these custom instructions and specify exactly what

You need because when we look at the serial entrepreneur everything that we just saw reflected in the answers you’re gonna find in here right checks and balances please cross verify Market data and Trends resource references reference reliable industry reports and credible news sources it at least tried right if

We had plugins on this would perform a whole lot better and you can do that logical analytical approach and concise and action-oriented responses we actually saw all over the place so overall I would rate this as a 7 out of 10. whereas this is more of a 3 out of

10 and this is the experience you’re gonna have across the board if you specify the following characteristics within your custom instructions and you do it well so that is an important one right so if you’re specifying the professional role you can’t just go ahead and say I am the CEO of uh you

Know pet food company I have 20 years of experience because what you’re gonna do here is you’re going to be creating confusion because this is very precise and it yields very precise results whereas if you do this it didn’t ask if your experience you could maybe add that

Within the specialized knowledge but not within your profession and that’s a point here if you’re gonna go this specific you’ve got to craft it carefully so the best thing you can do is either take some time and play around with this until you start getting results that you actually like or you

Will just use the ones that I will provide in the description and you can mix and match different parts so what I’ll do is I’ll provide the two that we looked at plus the marketing analyst in the description below and you have the whole framework as you can see all of

These are repetitive and yes we absolutely use gpd4 to generate this we had a sequence prompt to arrive at this point and I’m not afraid to say that the results are stellar and this works so what you’re going to want to do is you’re going to look at these and you’re

Going to pick various parts of these that fit your needs and then you’re going to mix and match them and extend them with your own context just make sure not to go above the 1500 character limit and if you don’t want to do that by yourself and you’d rather just copy

Paste and then maybe tweak a minor thing we’re also going to be offering this as a product where you can go ahead and you can pick any one of these that we created for you and you can get going right away you can find a link to that

In the description but really I just gave you all the tools for you to craft it yourself just make sure to have a separate one for every use case because these are very specific if you go into this level of detail you’re going to be getting that very focused answer so if

You’re trying to write something over here you don’t want a Persona that is situated somewhere over here and obviously this is a gross oversimplification but it’s a good way to think about these things so you understand how to use personas and the most exciting part about this is that

Every single prompt you ever used is going to get transformed by these custom personas that are now so super easy to use because you can just set it up once with a high level of detail and then you can Breeze through your daily tasks with a level of precision that up until now

Was only possible if you did sequence prompting with very specifically casted personas I hope this was helpful if you have any questions I’m happy to help you out in the comments below and if you enjoyed this content chances are that you would love this video with some Advanced prompting techniques to which

You can also apply personas and now that you know the secret to better results go out there and experiment

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