In-Depth Teeth Retouching in Photoshop

Today we can be talking about two retouching teeth in Photoshop and when it comes to retouching teeth two things need to be kept in mind number one shaping and number two coloring and that’s all there is so without any further ado let’s get started so here we

Are Photoshop and if you are go ahead and follow along using this photo make sure go ahead and download it using the links in the description all right if you look at her teeth it needs a little bit of shaping so how do we correct that liquify has you guessed it right again

Two things shaping and coloring first shape it so first of all press ctrl or command J make a copy of the background layer you don’t want to do it in the background layer okay ctrl or command J next there are two approaches to applying liquid fine you can convert

This into a smart object and if you do that you will be able to change the values later or you can directly do it if you directly do it you can also select the rectangular marquee tool and select this area just this area and open up liquify filter liquify now what is

The advantage of this it opens up just that area apart from that it is faster it is much faster than applying it to the whole image so that’s that Vantage but if you do convert it into a smart object you won’t be able to do it all right

You will be able to do it but it’s a different way all right let’s convert this into a smart object by going to filter convert for Smart Filters click OK and then if you select the rectangular marquee tool go to filter liquify it opens up the whole photo but

You can actually just edit just that area but the advantage is you can change the values after the fact and if for you that want is this far overrides the disadvantages please go for it and convert it into a smart object alright let’s go ahead and cancel that

And we don’t need it let’s directly go to filter and then liquify and then let’s zoom in and just play with the teeth and correct it ok now one zoom then select the forward warp tool ok this is the forward walk to the shortcut to which is W and slowly nudge it don’t

Make big moves like that slowly very slowly magic make sure you make the brush of the size of the thing that you want to move got it make the brush of the size of the thing that you want to affect or move okay so in

This case as you can see if we zoom in we need to get this right okay so this is the shape is not right over there this shape is a little it’s it’s we need to correct that so first of all let’s start with this area so this is a very

Tiny thing over there which needs to be corrected so we’ll decrease the size of that brush to that and make sure the pressure is low so how to increase or decrease the pressure hold the alt or option drag it up to decrease it drag it

Down to increase it as I do that have a look at the slider if I drag it up it decreases if I drag it down it increases so keep it somewhere around 30 ish and slowly nudge it and correct that done very simply make it a little bigger and

Nudge it and correct that and that is taken care of and make this teeth the size of this one okay so just simply correct that and that looks perfectly fine here is a little bit of discrepancy we need to just make it straight over there and that looks nice this is one we

Need to correct it okay we shall take it a little inside like that that looks okay and when we look at these two teeth they are little different in shape and nobody has got perfect digits so we need to correct it just a little bit but not

So much okay so we have to take it a little up like so and make sure you do not destroy the construction of the lip okay and you gotta fill this a little down make the brush little bigger always remember make the brush of the

Size of the thing that you want to move all right so now the size of the teeth this one is a little small I mean a little narrow so we’ll make it a little wide like that and this one is a little short so make it a little tall

Bring it in line with this one make sure and not affect the lip so much okay so that’s pretty much done I guess if I go ahead and zoom out and have a look at the before and after so this is the before this is the after just a little

Bit of correction so you can also go ahead and do more corrections if you want to maybe straighten it all up and straighten this all up and there’s no end to it watch if you do it too much have a look this doesn’t look right so if you have done something extra you

Don’t like it select the reconstruction to select it and then paint on that particular area that will reconstruct that for you as it was before increase the pressure and let’s reconstruct that let’s come back to forward walk to and let’s shape it properly put it in this one all right

Now once you’re satisfied with this I think there’s a little bit of problem over here it doesn’t look right over there so we’ll just fix it right like that okay and push it a little inside push this a little in okay now have a look at

The before and after so this is the before check off the preview and this is the after look straight looks nice you can just always make more adjustments if you want to and bring it bring everything in line like totally perfect and once you have done all of that I

Insist you I employ you that you do this drag down and there’s a button over there called reconstruct sometimes we go a little overboard so click on reconstruct when the amount is at hundred this is all you did liquify to the maximum when the amount is zero it

Reverts back to its original shape so it’s like undo on a slider okay total undo of everything that you have done so you can always reduce it if you think you have done so much so we can reduce it if we want to but I think for us 100

Is fine but you can always try the slider before hitting okay all right hit okay hit OK again and finalize on this one mind you this is a smart object if you want to change anything at any point of time later you can always go ahead and double-click on

Liquify and change that as well okay just like that and change these values hit cancel and that’s pretty much fine now it’s time for us to color it right if you look at the teeth it’s pretty much white it’s pretty much good right but if you look at the corners it has

Got that yellow outline to it and we need to remove just that just that yellow outline now that tons of method to whiten teeth in Photoshop and I have a complete dedicated video just on whitening teeth so you can go ahead and check that out for other methods but

Here I’m gonna talk about my favorite method so only have to do go to the adjustment layers click on the adjustment layer icon and choose hue/saturation and we will target just this color how to target that click on the hand icon and just click on one of

Those yellows and fine it shows us reds because it’s close to reds but we’re gonna modify that take the hue all the way to the left or right just for identification purposes increase the saturation this is also just for identification purposes make this narrow by holding the end sliders and make it

Very narrow just like that the top bar is the whole color spectrum of the image the bottom bar is the result right now we are targeting the Reds of the image okay look at the bottom slider we have changed the hue and as we change it this area is changing this is

Actually the result bar the top bar is the actual color spectrum of the image and the bottom bar is the result is what we do alright so increase the hue and just move this make it very narrow and move this you see at this point this outline is effected very nicely okay

You’re targeting just the outline of course along with the outline other colors match with that but we can mask that out later so now let’s increase it to the point where all of this is selected and the outside slider is just like feather so increase it it makes the transition

Smooth okay do it to the left side don’t go too much we don’t want to select the gums over there this much is for you can make it even more narrow and they go bring everything back to normal zero and this one to zero as well next

What you can do you can try decreasing the saturation and boom it’s taken care of also what you can do you can play with the hue make it reddish make it a little reddish decrease the saturation probably if you want you can also increase the lightness and it is taken

Care off let’s play with that even more and have a look at the before and after so this is the before this is the after this area is taken care off but along with that her skin is also affected so we need to mask it out so how to mask it

Out select the mask it’s already there because adjustment layers always come with a mask press ctrl or command I and then take the brush make sure the foreground color is white what is the concept of mask black conceals white reveals so wherever there is white this

Effect will show up so take the brush make it a little smaller just like that and just paint on the outline with white make sure the opacity and flow is at hundred just like that and you don’t have to be super careful about the edges and stuff because we have already

Targeted it just that color like so and bingo you’re pretty much done have a look at the overall before and after so this is the before this is the after let’s zoom in quite a bit and have a clearer look so this is of course the

After and this is the before after makes a drastic difference now sometimes you might have to combine with this dodging and burning and probably cloning but not all the time in this example as you can see we don’t require it much but if you have a closer look let’s zoom out and

Have a look at it this deep it looks like it kind of bumps out of the mouth I don’t know how to put it but you get the idea it kind of standing out looks like a rabbit so we need to correct that why is it happening it is happening because

There’s a shadow over here which makes it appear as if it’s bumping out so what we need to do we need to go ahead and create a curves adjustment layer click on the adjustment layer icon and choose curves let’s go ahead and increase the brightness click on the middle just take

It up like that and select the mask press ctrl or command I and zoom in and you know what to do just take the brush and with white paint on the shadow this time decrease the flow to somewhere around 5% and slowly and gradually probably I’ll go

With three and paint on this particular area like that with white okay get the shadow out of the way that looks a lot better I don’t know whether you can see the difference or not but you will see once we are done with it okay we painted

A little extra over there press X to toggle between the foreground and the background and this time increased the flow 200 and just take away this but larrya and that’s pretty much fine now if you have a look at it let’s zoom out before it looks like bumping out after that looks

Wonderful now you can go ahead and decrease the opacity of this one if you think it’s too much just like that sometimes somewhere around fifty four is right and there you have it there you have done it before after before after see the difference so these little

Things can be taken care off have a look at this example if we zoom in have a look at this teeth it does require a little bit of liquify but apart from that it also requires cloning if you look at this teeth it has a little bit

Broken edge so let’s fix it how to fix it create a new layer simple select the clone stamp to this one and zoom in quite a bit just sample the Syrian zoom in even more sample this area by holding the alt or option click on this area and

You’re gonna place this area over there but if you make the brush a little bigger have a look at the overlay it’s not kind of matching so how do we match it we need to rotate it how do we rotate it just hold it the alt or option along

With shift and the arrow bracket keys the shortcut is on the screen so the right-arrow bracket key will move it clockwise the left one and D clockwise so if you just hold on alt or option shift the right arrow bracket key see it moves rotates actually and that kind of

Phipps let’s rotate it to the left a bit and just paint it once over there and this one is fixed before after so that’s all you need to know about retouching teeth in Photoshop and there are just two things to keep in mind shaping and coloring and that’s all and when it

Comes to shaping you can use liquify you can use the clone stamp tool you can use anything you want the match to whatever is your favorite but the concept is you need to get the teeth in the right shape after you do that coloring so it’s not

Just yellow it’s not limited to just yellow even if there’s any other color cast like blue or say purple you can also remove that how to remove that there are variety of ways of doing the same you can check out this video for whitening teeth but hue/saturation adjustment layer can remove almost

Everything everything not almost actually everything you can also bright indeed by increasing the lightness slider inside of hue/saturation adjustment layer after targeting the color of the teeth and that’s pretty much it and do not brighten it so much that it looks fake keep that in mind and

We need to apply liquify there’s one more thing all these remember to press the reconstruct button and decrease it if it’s too much and then hit OK you can also go ahead and convert that into a smart object in case you want if you want to change the values later and

That’s all I hope this video helped you and if it did make sure to give us and I can also don’t forget to subscribe and not just subscribe ring the bell so that you my friend don’t miss anything I would like to take this moment to thank all these nice

For making pixel perfect free for everybody forever and making this episode possible thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys my next until then stay tuned and make sure that you keep create You

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