Generate 1 Year of Content in 7 Days (Content Strategy 2022)

Did you know that we have more than 1.8 billion websites on the Internet Billion With B If you go to google now and search for digital marketing for example You will see that we have over 4 billion results Let’s try something else Insurance

We have over 5 billion results and so on Do you think we need more content today? I’ll give you one second to think That’s enough to think, in short yes We need more content Because we always have something new But not any content We need content you can compete with

Building a Successful Online Business in 2022 And that’s exactly what I’m going to show you in this video How to plan successful content for one year in a few days What are the best types of content and posts to create

And some other tips and secrets from my more than six years of experience working online I will share it with you in this video keep watching So the first step is to understand the different types of content I will now share with you ten types with examples

I am going to share some really important tips with you so please take notes If you now go to my website Let’s open the first article This is the first type of content Comparison Ginger vs. Grammarly Compare two services in one article What is the purpose of this type of publication?

To help the user choose between two similar services This is very important in affiliate marketing As you’ll see later in real case studies So the first type is comparative publications Another example is Constant Contact vs Convertkit Email marketing service

This post will help people understand which service is best for them in their case Whatever they buy, you will get commission from affiliate marketing as you will see later So please take this note Comparison articles are one of the best types of affiliate marketing The second type is product review

If you take this article as an example Invideo review Invideo is a video editing or video creation service In this article I review it and show people how to make money from this service step by step So it’s a product review Another example is the “Ultimate Grammarly Review for Digital Marketers”

These types of articles help users and people decide whether or not this product is right for them Is it good or not It’s a product review This is also very important for selling products and for affiliate marketing as you will see later The third type of articles is a guide how to use

Example “How to get visitors with semrush” So this type of guide combines both product reviews and how-to guides So it is a tutorial At the same time review and share a product Also write this down as it is very important for affiliate marketing

Why? Simply because when someone follows up with you in this article you will see that we have commission links If he wants to try the service as I explained in this article He will sign up and get the service You may get commission Another example “How to mine cryptocurrency on the phone”

In this guide I show step by step how to mine cryptocurrency So tutorials are also very important Because everyone is usually looking for how to do something So keep in mind that this is also a very important type of post

And what you should know here if you want to be more specific in our how-to guides is to create step-by-step how-to guides As an example here I am sharing how to setup a free cold email system step by step So when someone follows you with you as an example to buy a site

To buy a hosting service To purchase an app, etc He will buy all these things through your links So this is also very important for affiliate marketing Please write these notes After that we have definitive guides or simple guides

In this guide it’s like a little e-book if you want to name it like that Where you share a complete guide on a specific topic In this post I am sharing the ultimate guide to content distribution strategy It’s something about getting visitors by distributing your content all over the internet

We explained this in the visitor bomber method last week So in this guide you will have almost all the information you need on a particular topic This is also very important If you go as an example to One of the best sites that explain SEO, if you go here to the blog

You can watch the video marketing guide These are all evidence If you open this guide for example, you will see that it is a complete and detailed guide This type of post is really cool and people interact and love them Because they cover all aspects of a particular topic

So they don’t need to look elsewhere This is what we call the ultimate guide post types Then we have the fifth type which is Sharing Templates and Resources As an example in this article or in this post I share templates for free Blogger

These types of posts are very important and people like them Because you’re putting together a list of resources maybe free stuff and giving them to people in one post As an example, all these templates are free Blogger templates They can download it in one click from your website This is also very important

This as you will see later can be very helpful to increase your google adsense revenue We’ll talk about this in detail later Then we have a similar type which is Articles Lists You can see here “10 Best Chrome Extensions” Here I am not sharing direct download resources

But I am sharing a list of chrome extensions Another example “5 best url shortener services” Here I share a list of services Affiliate marketing that is also very important Because when you share all these services in one place

There is a great chance for someone to click on one of them and buy it So this is also very important in affiliate marketing Or to promote your own service by the way As in my case I am promoting my url shortener service in this list

Then we have another type which is the tool set Example “15 plugins and tools to use in WordPress” A toolkit is simply that you collect a set of tools and resources related to a specific topic In this example for WordPress

So that all WordPress users, everyone with a WordPress site can benefit from this toolkit Which brings together all the resources for a particular thing In my case again it’s WordPress So here you can see the SEO plugin for WordPress something for analytics Something to hold a raffle for gifts

So I am collecting probably the best tools in different aspects of WordPress To help anyone with a wordpress site Now we will move on to the last two types and I think they are the most important Number one is a story post content type

As an example here you can see that I am sharing my story How I went from $1000 to $10,000 in 18 months working online Here I share with you a story, my personal story So you won’t find this kind of content anywhere else

You have no competition in it because it is simply a personal thing You share your own experience and your own stories in life, work or whatever in your specialty So please write this down too Focus on Stories And by the way if you go to this site

This site is really a great site Combines many successful stories related to startups and companies It will help you and give you a lot of ideas if you want to start your own business By the way, my own story is posted here If you go to this link I built an SEO tool

It’s the story of H-supertools You can see this is my full story How H-supertools started You can read it if you want I will keep the link in the description below If you don’t know, I own The website I developed from scratch It is a free SEO platform and digital marketing tools

Today I have more than 97,000 happy users If you want to know how I built this My full story you can check it out in the link below The last type of content is case studies It’s similar to stories but here we do a case study and share the results

This is very important I think what makes my channel unique here is that everything I share here is based solely on real case studies and experience That’s why I don’t share anything except if I’ve tested it and seen the results, then I’ll share it with you

An example here is “Canva’s Affiliate Program How to Make $500 a Month” If you read this article you will see that I am sharing a real case study And the video here shows you my numbers How do I do this exactly step by step Another example “CJ Affiliate Marketing Case Study $138/week”

I earned this number sharing exactly the case study and what I did So you can understand what really works and what we can do to make money online Another example of how to get subscribers on YouTube, 100 thousand in a hundred days I got 100,000 subscribers in 100 days

I am sharing with you what happened to me in a real case study This is also very important. Please take notes Try your best to post stories and a real case study This will make you stand out from the competition and make you unique on the Internet

So by now I understand the types of content And by the way in this series As you know this is the ninth part of our series And we’re building an online business from scratch together We have our own website Embounce

In this series I will apply all kinds of content to these on the site I will share with you how each will help me grow And earn money from commission marketing and google adsense from selling products and so on So it is really very important to understand this

And don’t forget if you have any questions or something unclear I’ll be with you almost every day on Telegram You can find a link in the description below and I will be very happy to chat with you Or you can submit your questions on the forum in our website

I am waiting for your questions Now let’s move on to the second step So now we understand the types of content But at first we felt depressed We have billions of content all over the internet How are we going to compete and stand out in this really tough competition Let’s see together

The whole idea is about choosing the right keywords to rank higher by So it’s all about keyword research or topic search Let’s give a practical example Here I’m at ahrefs and I’m going to switch to a keyword explorer tool What is my specialty? If you’ve been following you know it’s

Concerning email validation So I’m going to go here and enter my email validation fields I will choose the United States now and click search If you are targeting a specific country, select that country We can see here that the difficulty of this keyword is high where it is about 70

Go here to related terms Here you will find a lot of keywords related to this keyword Let’s choose any one of these Let’s say email lab Email validation here Check email verification whatever You go here and then for this keyword the difficulty scale is too difficult so leave that word just follow me

Scroll down and check out the search results Check out the best results for this keyword And search dr for low dr scale sites for something less than 30 We don’t have anything here so forget that keyword let’s move on to the second Go to email validation again let’s see

We have this 23 So this field that has a dr 23 . scale ranks first on google What does this mean ? Simply, this means that this site or this rank is a gateway to you You have to focus on this competitor

So this is a good keyword to use and to rank on top of google Let’s see another email verification keyword Here we have one less 49 Forget about it Another word let’s go down We need something low We don’t have anything low here I think you got the idea

Let’s go back to the related terms And what you will do here again go to the size, let’s say 300 minimum Implementation Suppose we take the verification via email Let’s see this keyword We have a competitor we can compete with, the lowest level is 49 somehow hard Let’s see something else

Gmail Email Checker Let’s see this 27 And that’s perfect, another area we can rank on So this is how we will conduct keyword research And find topics and keywords that you can break the competition with in your specialty Now my topic is somewhat difficult Email Marketing and Email Validation

But I will do my best to find something to arrange it with Now in your field of specialization you have to do the same If you want you can use ahrefs It has a seven-day trial for $1

You can do this process for seven days and create more than 50 to 60 content ideas For your website of the year Another alternative is Semrush Now Semrush has a free trial You don’t need to pay anything for 14 days You can also use it if you want

So you can use ahrefs or Semrush Or you can use it if you want to ubersuggest By the way, you can do it manually You can go to H-supertools Free platform, my free platform Go here to SEO and then Keyword Research Tool Then enter a keyword let’s say what is email verification Search

You can check the monthly search volume If you think it’s enough and put it on google See the best sites Like here we have Popupsmart You can get this site Popupsmart and check it in ubersuggest and see domain rank and dr . scale If it is low we can use it

Now this process is somewhat slower but completely free Using H-supertools and ubersuggest So it’s up to you to use what you want but I think you’ve got the idea Want to find ideas and keywords with some search volume And domains ranked higher on google with a low dr scale Go and start today

Just search for keywords now And then we can create case studies We can create stories and we can create comparison articles We can create product reviews anything you want Now we need to find keywords that we can rank for and break the competition with them I hope you get the idea

And if you think this is worth admiring Please go now and smash the like button Again if you feel something unclear I will be with you almost every day on telegram and in the forum Go join us I’m here to help

Now the second tip is here besides doing a keyword and content search Go to Of course I won’t tell you go buy a course The cool thing about udemy is that you can do some content searching For example, let’s look at machine learning Any topic you want in your specialty

You will have a lot of courses here If you want as a little tip do it sometimes Go and check out the zero to one hour video courses Get it and create a complete guide based on these courses So creating a directory based on a full cycle

By the way, you can check out the free courses and don’t need to buy anything But this is not the main idea behind udemy What I want to tell you is that if you sign up as a trainer on udemy All you have to do is create an account See what we have

In our Coach Dashboard we have the Tools section We have market insights Now I honestly don’t remember if the registration process as a coach required some verification or not I did it three years ago But if you can create a trainer account just do it to access this tool

Here if we go and look for email marketing for example It will give you some ideas It will tell you that this topic has a huge demand On udmey there are a large number of courses It will give you an overview of how much people need this topic

And whether there is a lot of content about it on udemy As an example let’s say machine learning again I will give you here Also there is a high demand but we have a lot of courses on udemy You can get an idea of ​​how these themes work on udemy

To give you an overview of how themes work in the real world Also go do some research here And if your website is in another language You can specify like let’s say in German and see how this works You can see here in German we don’t have much content

And the demand is still high So check your language too Check out the best working thread on udemy To get an idea about it online Another tip also in content search Go to Amazon On Amazon, go find e-books on your topic Let’s say email marketing back in the books

We will have a lot of e-books here or books related to my field If you open this book What we can do is click on take a look inside And you can see the content of this e-book It will help you find some content ideas Well again you can use e-books

Or chapters of e-books to write an entire article Usually e-books especially original authors share some real information based on real experience So you can use this as case studies or something of great value to your audience So use keyword research, udemy and e-books on amazon To find some really interesting topics

What people need, at the same time you can compete with them And break the competition out The third step, now please focus well I have something really interesting to share with you on this step The idea is to search for trending topics So you can go to google trends

Find something related to your topic In my example let’s say email marketing And search for this and you can select here the country, it is the United States This chart will show you About how this keyword performs on Google Attention over time To provide you with the highest regions of this country

Related queries and you can see the percentage of growth You can use this data to understand how each keyword is performing on google Is it common or not? By the way, you can also use a site called I will put the link in the description below You can then check this box

And now you can see what people are searching for on google We can discover some queries, some search terms and so on In the second source is youtube trending You can go to Find out what’s trending on youtube right now So you can take some ideas and create content around these ideas

This will really help you get famous on the internet If you can create special content on a popular topic Then we have reddit reddit is one of the best places to find out what people are talking about As an example let’s move here to digital currency Search for a sub-reddit in your niche

See the latest publications in this field Let’s go to the communities and see what people are talking about Let’s look for the common And you can see this 16 hours ago This is from a couple of days ago and you can see what people in your field are discussing

So it may be a popular topic that you can use to grow online Then we have Twitter On Twitter we have a section here widget called “What’s Happening Now” Also you can go to Show More You can discover some hashtags, ideas and topics that are popular now

And we can also use it to grow on Twitter and off Twitter Then we have a service called blasting threads This service is one of the really best such services I have ever discovered Help you discover topics before they become popular

But the problem is that this service costs at least $150 per month And annually about a hundred dollars a month And the full version is about four hundred dollars a month So I thought how can I help you

The idea is from now on I will start planning a new series of videos every week I will search for topics on this site Twitter and reddit And I will give you a little weekly report on my channel here To share with you these popular topics

So you can get ideas with a free report And use this common data in your business I think this effort requires admiration So please don’t forget to smash the like button If you like this idea, please let us know in the comments section

Or if you have any other suggestions let me know before I start this new series I will be very happy to hear from you on my email, telegram or forum Or anywhere just call me And help me to help you The fourth step Consider user-generated content and user interaction with your website

You need to plan something special for your audience So think of two main things Number one is user-generated content like forums Later in the series I’ll share with you how to create a community How to promote it, how to launch it and everything in detail I already did this on my channel

But I will explain it again in more detail to help you be successful with user-generated content You can see that I have in my forum site Today we have more than 40,000 members 76000 posts This way I can get people to interact with my website To create content on my website

This will give them the opportunity to like my website Because there is something interactive they can talk to me talk to And talk to each other on the site So also specify in your plans that we will create a forum And some other things about User Generated Content

Another thing you have to focus on is web 3.0 If you watched my plan for 2022 I don’t know if you remember I will launch my own nft group and have a cryptocurrency project The main idea here Web 1.0 was just about browsing the internet Search and read only without any interaction

Web 2.0 is like social media where people can interact and post on the internet But they don’t own the content Web 3.0 where we can own assets and own things on the Internet Using nft and blockchain

By the way in a couple of days maybe tomorrow or Tuesday we have a whole video about nfts Don’t miss it So also write in your feedback We will integrate web 3.0 new technology into our website To help people get the best out of our website

And update our website with the best technology today Fifth step The fifth step is general advice If you want to be successful in this business Which you are building with me now And by the way, I don’t think there is anything similar to this series on the Internet

We are building an online business together now live I will do my best to finish the work within five to six months I will show you how you can build a successful business, if you continue you can do the same Please do your best to devote some time We need some discipline here

Every day for 1-2 hours we market our website Try to communicate with other people Watch again my Hits Bomber method How can you reach a lot of people on a lot of websites You should do some work on quora, forums, Reddit, etc. To help people get to know you

If you want to be successful you need to devote some time every day to your work And believe me, later everything will be automated It will be a positive income But now we need some hard work And as a small gift in this video I have a free e-book for you

It is an e-book on the content distribution guide About how to reach more people About how to promote your content In a step-by-step guide You can find it in the description below Now we are in the ninth part of the series We learned how to plan our content And how to create content

And how to distribute the content And how to get visitors in some ways We still have some other ways But we have the basic concept Now what you need to do is create at least 15-20 articles on your site Based on what we’ve learned over the next two months So on February 28

You must have at least 15-20 articles published on your site So from that moment we can monetize it I will do the same now for my website I will start creating my articles on my website I plan to write about 20 articles by February

We still have one important question that I want to answer Lots of people have asked me Do you publish articles on a weekly basis, on a daily basis, on a monthly basis, or what As we learned in this video tutorial Think about quality and type of content

And what you share is the value and forget about the quantity What I said now from 50 to 20 is only to fill the site And if someone visits you, it will look like a professional website full of content But later you can probably post once a month

It would be a perfect post You might post it once a week It depends on the quality of your content And what are you posting? Like in backlinko it publishes maybe once every two months But he publishes a complete in-depth guide It depends on the type of articles you publish

But to make things easier for you, you can start with two to four articles per month But always think about quality And forget about the quantity order Think about the value you provide to people Let people love your content I hope you enjoyed this video and don’t forget to turn on notifications

To get all new See you next week in Part 9 of our online business series To get up to $2000 per month working online from home See you later

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