Hridoy Khan

Meet Md Hridoy Hossain, a 30-year-old enthusiastic learner from Bangladesh, with a passion for exploring and mastering new technologies. Hridoy completed his Graduation and Post Graduation with Honours BSc in Zoology and MSc in Fisheries, respectively. However, his thirst for knowledge extended beyond his academic pursuits, leading him to pursue Computer Science at Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB), specializing in Database Programming and Computer Programming. As a versatile individual, Hridoy has taken several courses from renowned organizations on diverse topics such as SEO, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Software Development, and Content Creation. This multidisciplinary approach has allowed him to build a strong foundation in various domains and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology. With a keen interest in web development and SEO, Hridoy successfully launched and manages his own websites, where he has developed numerous web and SEO tools. In addition to his technical expertise, Hridoy showcases his content writing skills on his websites, attracting visitors and engaging them through well-crafted articles. Hridoy's dedication and hard work have paid off as he generates income from his websites through guest posting, Google AdSense, and affiliate marketing. These revenue streams highlight his entrepreneurial spirit and ability to monetize his online presence effectively. Beyond his websites, Hridoy actively maintains a strong social media presence. You can find him on Facebook, both on his education page ( and his personal profile ( He also shares his experiences and knowledge through his YouTube channel (, where he undoubtedly inspires and educates his audience. If you're interested in keeping up with Hridoy's latest updates and thoughts, you can follow him on Twitter (, Instagram (, and LinkedIn ( For visual inspiration and content curation, you can explore his Pinterest board ( Additionally, Hridoy actively engages with the Reddit community ( and shares his insights and interests on his Tumblr blog ( With his diverse skill set, passion for learning, and entrepreneurial drive, Md Hridoy Hossain is undoubtedly a rising force in the digital world. His continuous pursuit of knowledge and innovation promises a bright and successful future ahead. For any inquiries or collaboration opportunities, you can reach out to Hridoy at
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